How to create an elevated roundabout

Creating an elevated roundabout is the same as creating a normal roundabout. Elevated roads are useful for making highway intersection and avoid heavy traffic on places with less space but how do you go and make one?

It’s the same as our guide from before, like making a square road. The only difference is you need to press Page-Up on your keyboard to increase road level.

Here’s a video guide to help you

The one I made here in the video is a bit crooked due to terrain level or maybe I didn’t align it properly 😛

How to create a Roundabout

Roundabout is useful in connecting bunch of junction to a community and it could clear up all of your heavy traffic road.

Up until recently, I had troubles in creating curved edge road or roundabout and I’ve been playing it quite some time till I figured how to actually use the Curved Road tools .

Now that I have figure it out it’s actually quite simple to create.

The basic of making one is like creating a square box road where you need to snap every road like a perfect symmetric.

Imagine creating a square box using a Straight Road tools. Starts from the Left – Down – Right – Up – and back to the Left again.

Here’s a video guide that I made on how to create a perfect square roundabout in Cities Skylines