How to create a simple highway roundabout

While playing Cities Skylines, the most scratching head problems I had is when trying to connect highway into city. I just couldn’t figure out how to make a good looking exit intersection or highway ramp since I don’t understand how to use the Curved Road tools.

I’d always end up with a weird looking elevated highway ramp making the whole town looks retarded. If you went and search on YouTube there be bunch of videos of great and spiraling highway intersection by geniuses.

Well I’m no genius and I just want a simple good looking way to connect industrial or residential to a highway.

The simplest way I found is to make a roundabout over highway and connect it to community by a 6 lane road. Starts with making a simple roundabout using single lane road and upgrade it to highway once you finish.

Above is video guide on how I created one. Hope it helps you guys out there

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