Must have mods for Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines is what we imagine SimCity would be. SimCity definitely fail badly at it and I thank god that Paradox Interactive exist to satisfy my hunger for the best sim city game ever but let’s face it, there are some areas that needs to be polished. Or practically help me when I’m lazy…

And that’s why we have these few mods here to help us build a better city.

Automatic Bulldoze


When you’re concentrating on building your city you would be lazy won’t have time to bulldoze all of those burned & abandoned buildings. Automatic Bulldoze will help you with that. Sometimes they takes a while to bulldoze but it works.

Extended Public Transport UI

extended traffic

Unlike SimCity, Cities Skylines does not go into depth of how traffic works. That’s kinda weird since they’re the one that made Cities in Motion series.. This mod adds all that you need to know about all the traffic lines you created and help you edit the area from with a click of button.

It tracks all bus, metro and train. When you click on the transport it will list all of the path lines you created and show how many people are taking it. You may also edit and delet paths from this menu.

Fine Road Heights


This mod helps when you wanted to create elevated road as default Skylines won’t let you build steep road. It starts from 3m to 12m high
Make all the roller coaster road you want with Fine Road Heights mod.

Precision Engineering

precise road connect

Admit it .. We all have problems connecting our road precisely straight and those with OCD would keep bulldozing to make it right. Precision Engineering tells you how many degrees is your road off from the lines and help you snaps roads together.

Enhanced Zoom


Need I say more? The abilities to zoom and peek my sim dwellers activity and stalking them to their bathroom is a must!

More Simulation Speed Option


I hate slow speed. I hate waiting. This mod adds 6x speed than the normal 3 speed Cities Skylines had. However you might need a brand new PC for this..

Building Themes


An optional mods for those who wanted their cities to have different set of cultures in buildings. For the time being I’m seeing European housing themes, UK housing/commercial themes and American housing.

The option says that you could add different themes on different district. However your game will be a bit laggish, at least mine does . I’m just on a low-end Haswell PC



SuperChirper can clear all chirps, helps you filter chirps and mute it.

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